Global Combat World War 1
Large #245 - Game 28 Turn 1
Tr0gd0r 93411|Tr0gd0r  50 (5) thunderouswind 66794|thunderouswind  50 (5) - Done 
SickLad 12167|SickLad  50 (6) ninja_jawz 25009|ninja_jawz  50 (6)
lostboy 8924|lostboy  50 (5) - Done  MadMac 8939|MadMac  50 (5) - Done 
Kluure 71613|Kluure  50 (5) - Done  uguccioniforever 70838|uguccioniforever  50 (5)
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MadMac 8939|MadMacI'll go with no drop just because thats the way its heading. Personally I like the variation of dropped armies.
1 hrs, 11 min ago
thunderouswind 66794|thunderouswindI am good with whatever is decided
21 hrs, 4 min ago
Tr0gd0r 93411|Tr0gd0rIf I drop armies then every blue territory would have a total of 10 armies.
21 hrs, 5 min ago
Tr0gd0r 93411|Tr0gd0roh, Ninja voted for not dropping either. so 2 votes for no drop
21 hrs, 7 min ago
Tr0gd0r 93411|Tr0gd0rAWOL players are usually worse if they dump all armies on a single territory and then disapear. So 1 vote for not dropping armies and i am not sure what SickLad's vote is for.
21 hrs, 8 min ago
ninja_jawz 25009|ninja_jawzI vote for quit Trogd0r out without placing armies. That way it is an AWOL player, and if advantages anyone (I've not looked at the board yet), so be it - but it is MAJOR disadvantage to end up next to him with everything stacked, as I've seen in other games. AWOL players don't do that.
23 hrs, 9 min ago
SickLad 12167|SickLadI would say quit him/her out the other way is not ok because we do not know who it is....
23 hrs, 27 min ago
Kluure 71613|KluureI would prefer if everyone votes one way or the other so we get the consensus of all the players in this round.
23 hrs, 29 min ago
Kluure 71613|Kluuretr0gd0r is my other account. I can either drop all his armies equally and then quit him out, or I can quit him out with no armies dropped. I personally feel it is more fair to everyone if I place the starting armies so as to not give easy pickings to anyone who is starting next to him.
23 hrs, 30 min ago
Game #Large #245 - Game 28 Started
23 hrs, 32 min ago
uguccioniforever joined the game.
23 hrs, 32 min ago
Kluure joined the game.
23 hrs, 32 min ago
MadMac joined the game.
1 days, 0 hrs ago
ninja_jawz 25009|ninja_jawzKluure, which account are you going to play with? Might be fairest if you say before you see placement :) but if you don't see this on time - please let us know which account will quit out, and *don't* place armies at all for that account, if you don't mind.
16 days, 21 hrs ago
lostboy joined the game.
17 days, 23 hrs ago
Tr0gd0r 93411|Tr0gd0rHi everyone! I am going camping and will be off the grid. I might get on tomorrow before we head out, but don't expect me back on here until November 2nd. If you don't mind waiting until then please do not force turn.
33 days, 23 hrs ago
ninja_jawz joined the game.
77 days, 4 hrs ago
SickLad joined the game.
77 days, 4 hrs ago
thunderouswind joined the game.
77 days, 18 hrs ago
Tr0gd0r joined the game.
78 days, 17 hrs ago
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