Global Combat World War 1

Medium #869 - Game 25

Turn Rate3 Days
Number of Players4
Fog of WarFalse
Minimum Army Bonus0
Reverse Attack OrderFalse
Non-Random AttacksFalse
Private Invite OnlyTrue


Vkings_ 18192|Vkings_  
andy... 74457|andy...  

Vkings_ 18192|Vkings_i have tried "kick" as well
2 yrs, 192 days ago
Vkings_ 18192|Vkings_won't let me quit
2 yrs, 192 days ago
Kluure 71613|KluureI wonder what would happen if you all quit.
7 yrs, 305 days ago
Vkings_ 18192|Vkings_game 21 is broken, tourney broken then as well
8 yrs, 351 days ago
Kluure 71613|KluureThis game is broken.
9 yrs, 116 days ago
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