Global Combat World War 1

Large #245 - Game 29

Turn Rate24 Hours
Number of Players8
Fog of WarFalse
Minimum Army Bonus0
Reverse Attack OrderFalse
Non-Random AttacksFalse
Private Invite OnlyFalse


Jeffery2010 9657|Jeffery2010  
informer 40299|informer  
TimmyF 42208|TimmyF  
klurejr 91908|klurejr  

klurejr 91908|klurejrHi everyone! I am going camping and will be off the grid. I might get on tomorrow before we head out, but don't expect me back on here until November 2nd. If you don't mind waiting until then please do not force turn.
33 days, 22 hrs ago
klurejr joined the game.
76 days, 3 hrs ago
TimmyF joined the game.
76 days, 3 hrs ago
informer joined the game.
77 days, 15 hrs ago
Jeffery2010 joined the game.
78 days, 7 hrs ago
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