Global Combat World War 1

Six Player #32 - Game 15

Turn Rate24 Hours
Number of Players6
Fog of WarFalse
Minimum Army Bonus0
Reverse Attack OrderFalse
Non-Random AttacksFalse
Private Invite OnlyFalse


Kluure 71613|Kluure  
uguccioniforever 70838|uguccioniforever  
semyl 23934|semyl  

semyl 23934|semylFor anyone coming into this game - Kluure, uguccioniforever, and I, are a team. (To give you a chance to work as one if you want to.)
4 days, 10 hrs ago
semyl joined the game.
19 days, 7 hrs ago
uguccioniforever joined the game.
19 days, 7 hrs ago
Kluure joined the game.
20 days, 7 hrs ago
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